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May 11


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I'd like to announce this news to all of you. So, the victim got banned because a thief imposter created an account with the same name and same avatar.

Here is the name of the suspect: Jose Enrique Muniz Salomon

That guy is a troll, an art thief, rude and an OC thief that has been banned from DA many times since 2012 to this year.

These are all of his accounts here:

:icon3ponfat: :icon3ponfat1996: :icon3ponfatisback:  :iconruisu-kitty: :icontripon1996: :iconkikefan: :iconspazjackrabbit1: :iconmultiluis1: :iconmrluismegaxda: :iconluistc101: :iconramirogaxiola:

As he says "3PonFat is back!!"

With that account :iconramirogaxiola:, he has been trolling and stealing from the real Ramiro Gaxiola. (Chacs)  His pics and his photos even have his name. Therefore he lied and made DA think he was the same guy.

Watch this video what shows everything about who this guy is:…

And that damn thief made Chacs now banned. Chacs :iconchacs: is a nice guy and creative. So please help Chacs to be realize that he is not the thief nor a troll.

Personal News

I was on hiatus for awhile because I found out on Friday that my girlfriend LoveDolly broke her leg during a fall. Also, I had a lot of things going on, so yeah.

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SpaceHeatBear Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
More about anna the troll and his group Kike it’s an annoying troll who post journals expecting somebody join to his crazy games using disguises. Kike and 3ponfat sometimes they said they were friends and sometimes enemies, even they did pics for each other but both did a mess because are selfish, making their personal conflicts into global conflicts. 3ponfat used many disguises and impostor accounts. And saying you were a menace who wanted to rule the world. That group plays like this: Spotting users.
Kike has been trolling me for 1 year posting journals saying how he hates me, saying “I am a monster” and critiquing my pics. Using his both accounts

He is a very friend of this banned guy RokeFox :iconrokefox : Kike attacking everybody but congratulating that thief and troll.
Not enough trying to make him get into DA using many disguises like betofox, rokefox02, rokefox-3d-art, yeyocamello, rokewolf, betochester and irmaflores. Banned because he trolled one of his fans in 2010.

If you are not agreeing with the banned troll or his sister Anna... he and Anna will troll you. By journals and pics. They did an impostor account and banned this guy : iconchacs:
News from that group. Anna has like an OC thief has been posting offensive pics to that guy who reported RokeFox, was known and Tronkan-tronk (or BETOO) :icontronkan-tronk : using an OC without permission, it means stolen. When Roke got banned; Anna menaced to revenge therefore Tronkan had to leave DA. And it’s real she’s doing cyberbulling, just check the deviations, wishing his death, (the white wolf called Captain Tronk) And see who is there? Kike participating with their bullying.
Never trust in a guy who has to change his name, age and sex.


anna steals OC to do offensive comics to the OCs

And they don’t understand, they got banned many times, and just got fines from DA to remove trolls journals but they are impossible. They got fines but strangely still on DA
If somebody has facebook, please let him know they have been stealing his OC fursona. The real owner is BETOO TRONK

Sure he saw your journal and gone to cry to those Fox Trolls, I’m sure now he want to steal your OC to appear in their troll comics to appear like a “slag” and damaged by foxes and skunks. That’s their dirty game. If they do that call me, that’s forbidden. And like stalkers sure they are reading this, to avoid get detected like trolls they gonna try to force you, to be their watcher and appear in your list like “your friends”.
3D4D Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Do not forget that AnnaFox also threatened me and my friend CaptainMexico to want denounce legally.
SpaceHeatBear Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
thanks for telling me so, even she talks about me. it's she and the skunkette who do this mess, let me see what can i do
3D4D Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Student General Artist
thank you.
SpaceHeatBear Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014
CaptainMexico Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Chacs :iconchacs: has been one of my best friends. He's victim!
DA, please. FREE HIM!
ArdillaPanfilo Featured By Owner May 16, 2014

thanks for your help. I knew what happened to Chacs. Is not exctly my friend but I want to help him, I'm sure he's a nice guy.  That imposter account has been created since October last year 2013.

First I posted this journal because he with a criminal gang he was stealing videos from Chacs.

Secondly when we discoverd that imposted account I posted a journal to stop that malware.

Everything is a test Chacs must return!
SpaceHeatBear Featured By Owner May 16, 2014

Look what the false and lier troll said. The troll called me "troll" their dirty play. They delete offensive deviations to avoid get banned. She always copy dialogs. Better avoid or block her. Her act is acomplete prove of stalking.
She and 3Ponfat were stealing and insulting people 2011-2012. Now again together did that dirty plan to get banned Chacs.
They have been trolling Chacs for years, she and her brother Rokefox and 3Ponfat have been trolling Chacs for 5 years!
And trolling his brother Cuat for 7 years! They did offensive pics to these brothers.

You can see directy in Furaffinity how they are thanking 3Ponfat because he did the imposter account. And she saying in Cuat's profile everything was a plot a revenge because her alternative account YeyoCamello got banned. (My shots has English translation)…

:iconyeyocamello: Yeyocamello got banned simply because he was insulting people everywhere he went, also because it's a Rokefox account. Same like ZuzyFox . :iconzuzyfox:
Their unaceptable behavior

As I said in January, 2006 both users got banned from that site F.L.A. because they were so rude, and they don't create their own ideas, they just reflect their own life. Even they did comics taling about their ban.

This shot shows for years people has been wishing their ban, because they don't respect rules: very offensive language and thieves. (It has English translation in the description)…

I've been investigating them. And I found a very long history of trolling. Simply: just search in DA "Rokefox" andyou will find lots of pics, but many of the are very offensive dedicated to their visitors and very rude comments to their visitors. Like this sample, insulting her ex boyfriend and critiquing his art.

That shows how they are and why trolled and stole Chac's account.
Please keep helping Chacs. Thank you

AnnaFox Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
SpaceHeatBear must be banned because is a terrible troll,
SpaceHeatBear Featured By Owner May 15, 2014

Thank you very much for the help, Chacs contated DA he found his account saying "banned because te impoister account has his name" how inocent excusenow I'm gonna tell you all details about that group


Guilty: a group of haters and ban avoiders called Roke Fox and they have been trolling since 2005 in DA and FA. Formed by: Rokefox, Anna Fox, Veronica Skunkette and 3PonFat. 4 guys from Mexico, sadly there’s full of corruption.

That troll group, created many accounts and got banned like: Rokefox, Rokefoxx, Rokefox02, Rokefox-3d-art, BetoFox, Betochester, ZuzyFox, irmaflores, yeyocamello, 3ponfat, 3ponfat1996, tripondos, 3ponfatisback, spazjackrabbit1, kikefan, ruisu-kitty, cesartheowl, axel-kidd, MrLuisMegaXDA, LuisTC101,MultiLuis1 (till 10) just some of them.

ROKEFOX. Real name: Luis Alberto Cantu Flores. Age 47 years old. Leader od the gang. He got banned in October, 2010 because he was trolling one on his fans known as Tronkan-Tronk also because he was posting sexual themes not using mature filter. (2005-2010) However he stills enjoying DA because he’s posting his pic and same stuff called RokeFox at his sister’s account Anna Fox. Veronica and Anna fox to avoid get it banned they have been changing its IP. Same tried to Anna Fox’s alternative account YeyoCamello, that account was used like a blackguard, with it he was insulting all people who blocked Roke or Anna or Veronica.

Roke has been trying to get back to DA using many disguises even girly masks like ZuzyFox and Irmaflores. They tried to change its IP and computer, their plan failed and got banned too. (JUN, 2013) Also Roke in real life got penalties because he fought against policemen.

As trolls and bandits they refuse to give up and every time when one of their alternative accunts got banned they did big scandal, and bother people asking “WHO THE… REPORTED THEIR TROLL, ACCOUNT?”. Also menacing to kill who did it, or rape I P and ban accounts (and they do!)

For years tried same to their back guard YeyoCamello, got banned 3 weeks ago. They forced people to donate points and get Premium account to make it “invincible” however got banned because DA finally understood Yeyo was an account controlled by Roke, also he was insulting very rude lately. Their plan of avoiding ban failed again. (2006-2014)

Below this troll journal below… anna, Yeyo and Veronica saying they have been raping IP’s from users, but changing Anna’s and Zuzy’s IP and compute to avoid been detected by DA.…

Anna and RokeFox got banned from sites like Furry-Latino in January, 2006, both because they were stealing and insulting people. Secondly from forums too. That is ANNA FOX, real name: Ana Cristina Cantu Flores. Age: 42 years old.

That group posts offensive deviations, one way. By journals, expressing how they hate users and menacing them. 1 month ago Anna got a warning from DA telling her(him) not to post hate journals anymore. So she had to do that. However stills doing same Veronica.

VERONICA who is really a guy in a girly disguise called Enrique Rodriguez, age: 50 years, who plays he’s a skunk girl wishing male, sex has alternative accounts like Kike Rodz .That guy has been posting many.. . many journals bothering people who is not agree with Anna fox gang, but congratulating Anna and Roke every time when they do some bad, this is the guy who injects hate to the gang, and because he knows they are sick minded he abuses.

They are OC thieves, because they took without permission OCs to make offensive pics, they we reported, therefore their Hate-Arts were removed, other were forced deleted by DA, and others were deleted by themselves to avoid get banned. Even to me they did an offensive pic to me. If you see Veronica using his 2 accounts posting journals critiquing me and my pics. And a hate art. And because Veronica is such false, such faggot and such coward he painted himself as a poor girl in danger mean he drew my FC like a bad guy, he’s crazy and changes sex. I reported him and therefore its troll description got removed and he got a fine note from DA. Hate description has been removed but the pic stills on as a prove.                      

And this is an offensive pic Anna did to her ex boyfriend Tronkan-Tronk saying she killed because he has his brain in his butt…

Veronica and Anna love corruption from their country, said by theirselves. Veronica has been trolling me because he’s a Carebears hater. Also he hates Anti-Troll people. Why’ because he’s a troll. One of the things because he hates me, when I told him “I am Anti-Troll”.

3PONFAt. Real name Jose Enrique Muniz Salomon. Age: 18. One of their most dangerous members, all time spending time palying video games. He was a member from a gang called Los Encapuchados, a group of tieves who were stealing videos in Youtube and Facebook. From 2010 till 2012 he has stealing art and identifies therefore he got banned from DA. However he stills doing same in YouTube, FA and again in DA. Specially trolling a good guy and artist known as Chacs. He has been stealing his pics, his videos and now his name. Chac’s real name is Ramiro Gaxiola. So that criminal did an imposter account called like this “ramirogaxiola” so with that account… 3ponfat in disguise was stealing pics done by Chacs and bothering his friends saying “Yeah, I am Ramiro, I am Chacs and I am a pederast!” But no doubt it was 3Ponfat, because he was menacing in Youtube and FA. Also same trolling style, same rude speaking, also they always uses themes like Yugi-Oh, Regular Show and Death Notes.

Chacs reported that imposter account, however DA took 2 long weeks to stop it, Therefore Chacs and his brother had to post journals asking for help.………

Finally that imposter got banned, because came from same place where 3Ponfat lives. However this May 9, 2014… THE VICTIM GOT BANNED! DA wrongly deactived Chac’s account instead protecting him from the thief menace!! DA banned Chacs simply because the troll account used his real name.


Check out these comments when Chacs fought VS the imposter, and confirming in fact the imposter is 3Ponfat.…

This video shows in the specific date and how that imposter account was working.…


And this new video show how’s 3Ponfat and what he did…


And finally in FA you can see how Rokefox is congratulating 3Ponfat because he sole and banned Chac’s account calling him “Ramera” at the same time Rokefox has a hate jourjal trolling another guy who has his account in DA too. Also that coward Fox talking bad about me because I am reporting them.… &…


 It’s incredible DA thinks Chacs and that imposter were same person. But instead that DA thinks Rokefox and Anna are not the same. They live and share same home, same computers and same stuff. People like me already reported them. About the Fox brothers DA thinks is not the same, of course they have been changing IP and computers. And about Chacs… people like me contacted DA since day May 9 and we still waiting for an answer, and I am really worried.…


People like me has been posting journals asking for help about same theme.




and mine too.


I reported that but looks like DA is just ignoring us therefore we had to ask for help.…

Therefore we need your help! We want justice. Free Chacs! Let’s aply international laws. Release his account!

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